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The majority of dirt bike parts are hard to find on microfiche parts finders and can be an expensive item at most dealers. There is an easier way.

We stock hard to find dirt bike parts for 2000 and up Supercross dirt bike models with World Wide Shipping motorcycle (MX) parts to Australia, France, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Austria, United Kingdom and KTM parts to European countries along with almost every other country in the World!

Check It Out- Dirt Bike Parts - A Fraction of the Price!

Here are some of the OEM parts we carry: air box, bar mounts, brake calipers, brake master cylinder, cdi box, brake and shifter pedals, assembled carburetors, exhaust pipe, foot pegs, assembled front forks suspension, frames, fuel tanks, speedometers, handlebars, head lights, kick stands, kick start levers, clutch levers, shock linkages, complete engines, OEM plastics, OEM radiators, stock brake rotors- front brake lines, complete seats, the whole rear shock, stock skid plates, sub frames, complete swing arms, throttle housing and cables, complete OEM wheels and rim, assembled triple clamps along with many others for enduro, supermoto and competition dirtbikes.

Next day to California? Need dirt bike parts asap? Live in Southern California? We can ship and deliver any part in less than 48 hours in most cases with no extra charge for shipping!

Stock Dirt Bike Parts

If you race or even ride motocross you know that it gets expensive buying OEM dirt bike parts every time you crash. Don't settle for cheap aftermarket parts when you can still get the OEM dirt bike part quality you need at prices less than aftermarket!

dirt bike upgrades

Check out our DRZ400 carburetor and enduro suspension upgrades (the complete forks and shocks) for popular bikes like the Yamaha wr250f and wr450f, Honda dirt bikes xr650r cr125 and especially KTM enduros and off-road models!

Special orders available!

Having a hard time finding a specific part or just don't want to pay the dealer retail price? Don't worry. If you need an OEM dirt bike part from KTM-Honda-Suzuki-Yamaha or Kawasaki that you don't see in our parts categories, please contact us directly to see if we can help fulfill your needs.

Advantages of buying from OEMdirtbikeparts.com

In most cases when repairing or replacing (engines-forks-shocks-etc.), there are two factors delaying your riding time. First-time, if you have a Kawasaki engine that needs to be rebuilt, you must first have it inspected, then order the parts which can take at least two weeks before you can start to assemble the Kawasaki engine. Secondly-cost, not only do Kawasaki motor parts sometimes cost more than the Kawasaki dirt bikes value but once the motor has been fixed, it still might not run like it should. In some cases, we have seen estimates from kawasaki dealers of 5000 U.S. dollars just to fix and install a new Kawasaki motor which again would take the Kawasaki dealer over a month to complete! Here at OEMdirtbikeparts.com we believe that the Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM and Honda dirt bikes were made to ride and enjoy, so if you order from us, just Install and Ride!

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Suzuki DRZ400S - DRZ400 SM FCR 39mm MX Conversion Kit
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