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KTM Front Brake Upgrade Brembo Master Cylinder 9mm 125-530 2000-2016
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Kawasaki Front Brake Master Cylinder, Lever, and Perch

The front brake master cylinder acts as a hydraulic pump. When the brake lever is pulled by the rider, it forces brake fluid to be pushed down through the brake lines forcing the brake caliper pistons (located on both sides of the wheel rotor) to compress the caliper pads against the rotor creating a friction force. This initiates the braking of your dirt bike. It is very important to keep the brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir clean and free of any air bubbles. The master cylinder is comprised of the following components: brake fluid reservoir, return spring, master cylinder piston and the pushrod to brake lever. This complete setup comes equipped with the brake master cylinder, the brake lever, the lever banjo bolt for the brake line, as well as a cover. OEM Dirt Bike Parts also sells the brake line hoses for your Kawasaki. All bolts needed in order for easy installation on your bike are also included within. Just bolt and ride!