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DRZ400 Carb Upgrade- FCR 41 NEW Keihin MX gen 3
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List Price:$1,376.00
OEM Dirt Bike Parts Price:$849.90

Dirtbike Part Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Genuine Stock Part for sale: NEW-FCR-CARB-FOR-SALE-DRZ-400-

DRZ400 Airbox adaptor fitting

Filter Adaptor Option*:

OEM part assembly new

NEW Genuine Parts:
Billet ADJ Fuel Screw- Gas on/off Switch [Add $75.00]
Complete twist throttle

Throttle Control Systems:
OEM Cables/tube and housing system for FCR carbs [Add $85.00]
Keihin Carb Options

OEM - Carb Upgrades:
AP Mod, Titanium plug and flow kit [Add $45.00]
Fcr Carb Choke Short Size

Optional - short-choke-lever:
Fcr-keihin-choke-upgrade [Add $40.00]

TPS Optional Factory Plug:
Direct Connector for Throttle position sensor [Add $139.90]

Dirt Bike Parts For Sale Description

Brand new drz 400 Upgrade Kit for the Carb Conversion, Complete Keihin FCR 41mm Carb Upgrade Kit! - Uses stock air box but will need to be opened for best performance gains.

This kit is the best bolt up mod available for the 2000-2018 drz (pull wheelies in the first 4 gears!) Includes- Complete NEW 41mm Keihin FCR mx carburetor with mounting needed for the installation.

Bolt N ride conversion mod for the drz400s and drz400sm

Retail for this kit would cost over $1600 US dollars.

These new keihin kits are modified by us for a bolt up product!

-Will Fit-

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drz 400 sm 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Tho the drz400sm carb is already jetted for bikes with full pipe and close to sea level elevation. Will take around an hour for install along with mechanical knowhow for this fcr 41mm part to work on the drz400s dirt bike

Please Contact Us With Any Part Fitment Questions

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Do the upgrade; don't think just do it! April 3, 2018
Reviewer: James from LONDON, United Kingdom  
What can I say? Just do this upgrade!

The bike pulls smoother and harder in all gears, has more power at the top end and doesn't cut out at the lights like it used to!

Can get the wheel up in 4th without trying hard, 5th as well if ya give it some revs; but, no more having to clutch up in 2nd only! Whatever gear I'm in I can get the wheel up with a lil slip of the clutch.

Thanks to Boston for convincing me to go for the 41 instead of the 39! Awesome customer service too!

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Reviewer: Pat Wilkinson from Fayetteville Arkansas  
the Drz400s 2001 ive had in the barn with the mikuni 42mm pumper carb for the last decade or so. It was time to rebuild it or buy a new one. Trying something new is always fun. This carb is no joke! Even coming from a modded DRZ im really impressed with the top end difference in power and its nice to have a Throttle sensor hook up instead of my wire just hanging there. expensive part but way worth it imo.

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nice to have new parts April 9, 2017
Reviewer: Nick Gay from Vancleave, MS United States  
Had a used FCR 39 carb on my supermoto with great power but always had issues with it so i bought this kit hoping for a reliable upgrade for my new drz. Expected a new part but didn't think it would be more responsive and pull harder up top! nice stuff

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