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Honda Frame Chassis

The chassis of the bike is the body and skeleton, and consists of the frame and suspension. Simply put, it is a big piece of metal, however it has an intricately designed structure for holding the core components of the bike like the engine, suspension, fuel tank, battery and seat. As the core structure of the bike, the chassis needs to have essential design specs to allow for safe performance at high speeds and under high stress during impact. These specs involve the perfect mix of strength, rigidity, flexibility and load (weight). If a frame gets bent in any way, it could easily throw off the balance of the bike, leading to extreme wear and tear on other parts during riding, such as the rear axle, rotors, and wheel bearings (causing wheels/rims to be off-axis). Keeping front and back wheels aligned with the correct installation of the swingarm on the frame is very important to prevent wobble and allow for smooth direction during rides. As you notice on frames, the bars are formed as triangle shapes. The reasoning for the triangulated sections is to help prevent deformity of the frame when experiencing high pressure forces on the bike from riding and landing aerials. OEMDirtBikeParts provides complete body frame chassis (with titles) and subframes for your dirt bike fitment needs!